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Free delivery in the metroplex on all internet purchases over $499.

Specialty Steaks on the Products page will be shipped at a rate of $24.95 per case.

Gift Certificates will be mailed or can be picked up in store

Prices subject to change due to market conditions. All rights reserved and quantities limited.


  (Click product name for more info)          
   Budget Pack $134.95 per pack Over 20 lbs of Fresh Meats!    
   Family Pack of 4 $229.95 per pack Over 20 lbs of Fresh Meats!    
   Economy Pack $119.95 per pack 20 Pounds Economy Pack    
   Family of Three (3) $204.95 per pack Family of 3 One Month Supply    
   Fill Up Your Freezer 3 Month Supply $409.95 per pack Fill Up Your Freezer 3 Month Supply    
   Steak Lovers Special $134.95 per pack Steak Lovers Special    
   Apartment Pack $249.95 per pack Apartment Pack    
   Lake Pack (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Lake Pack    
   Economy Pack (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Economy Pack # 1    
   Imperial Pack $269.95 per pack Imperial Pack    
   Variety Pack (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Variety Pack    
   Hamburger Patties $39.95 per case Hamburger Patties    
   Lou's Favorite $149.95 per pack Lou's Favorite    
   T-Bones Favorite (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack T-Bones Favorite Special    
   BBQ PACK (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack BBQ PACK    
   Mustang Pack (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Mustang Pack    
   Manager's Special (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Manager's Special    
   Beef Eaters Special $164.95 per pack Beef Eaters Special    
   Wrangler Pack(No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Wrangler Pack    
   Beef Split Side $680.00 per pack Beef Split Side    
   Custom Cut Pork Order $154.95 per pack Custom Cut Pork Order    
   Boston Hind $755.00 per pack Boston Hind    
   Number 1(No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 1    
   Number 2 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 2    
   Number 3 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 3    
   Number 4 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 4    
   Number 5 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 5    
   Number 6 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 6    
   Number 7 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 7    
   Number 8 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 8    
   Number 9 (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Number 9    
   Beef Lovers (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Beef Lovers    
   Country Special (No Longer Available) $0.00 per pack Country Special    
   Super Saver Family Pack $249.95 per pack Super Saver Economy Pack    
   Working Man's Special $359.95 per pack Working Man's Special    
   USDA Choice Beef Sides (275 lbs) Call for price $0.00 per lb USDA Choice Beef Sides (275 lbs)    
   USDA Choice Hindquarters (140 lbs)Call for price $0.00 per lb USDA Choice Hindquarters (140 lbs)    
   USDA Choice Forequarters (140 lbs) Call for price $0.00 per lb USDA Choice Forequarters (140 lbs)    

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